Hutto ISD

Digital Learning Toolbox

What is the Digital Learning Toolbox?

The digital learning toolbox (DLT for short) is a resource for ed tech and curriculum tools that are recommended and supported by the district. Each section contains helpful information such as ‘how to’ documents, ‘how to videos’, links to resources, ideas and tips for purposeful integration in the classroom, pictures, examples of the tool being used, and more. The DLT is an ongoing growing resource that will be added to over time.

The DLT’s purpose is to provide a one-stop shop to find resources in various formats to help teachers and other staff learn more about how to use and purposefully integrate technology tools and curriculum into their classroom. 

By standardizing around a specific list and providing planned professional development and support for teachers, Hutto ISD can ensure that ed tech tools are being used efficiently to obtain the best outcomes and maximize the use of district funds.

Click here to learn about the importance of the purposeful use of technology.

District Supported EdTech Tools - Recommended and encouraged by the District for use as a digital learning tool. The paid version is provided. Professional development provided, help and support provided, automatic class rostering and sign-on through Classlink is supported for most applications and all apps are available in Classlink.

The District student acceptable use agreement signed by parents DOES provide for District level creation and management of accounts for children under 13.

Curriculum and Instruction Technology - These resources are paid for by Hutto ISD and recommended for use as curriculum-based digital learning tools and subject content. The Hutto ISD Student Acceptable Use Agreement signed by parents DOES provide for district-level creation and management of accounts for children under 13.

Hutto ISD provides professional development, recommendations, and support in the use of these applications. Automatic class rostering and sign-on through Classlink are supported when applicable.

District Allowed EdTech Tools - The free version of the application is recommended as an additional digital learning tool if it meets a need not met by a District Recommended application. The paid version is not allowed for purchase within the District. Professional development, help, and support are provided on a best effort basis.

The District student acceptable use agreement signed by parents does NOT provide authorization for students under 13 to create accounts (or to have the teacher create accounts) for these applications if creating an account is required.

AI Corner -  AI is quickly growing and will play a bigger role in the future.

Visit the AI Corner to learn more about AI, suggested tools, how to use it effectively, sample prompts to use, teacher success stories, etc.

We encourage staff to begin exploring AI in a safe manner and to become familiar with how it works.